The effect of Iceland


It took me a couple of days to recover from work but I’m finally back with another review! This time Bioeffect gave me the opportunity to try out some of their amazing products and I couldn’t feel more honored. If some of you know that brand, you’ll know that they are well-known for their skin improving and high quality products.  Continue reading “The effect of Iceland”

The basics everyone should have


I had some crazy weeks already this summer because of working for different festivals, so I finally have the time to write again. Let’s talk about the wonderful products from EffidermContinue reading “The basics everyone should have”

Great quality for the cheapest price


I’m back with another review for Avril! In my previous blogpost “How is your skincare routine?” I’ve already told you that I was super excited about their products, and I can still confirm that feeling today. This time I’ve received some other amazing products to try out.  Continue reading “Great quality for the cheapest price”