Boost your hair growth with Neogen


Hi guys, how are you all holding up? I have a new haircare review for you!

I’ve been testing the Neogen Haircare Products for a month now so I’m finally able to share the amazing results with you. Continue reading “Boost your hair growth with Neogen”

Save money on your healthy lifestyle


Yes! You’ve read the title right. You can now save money on your healthy lifestyle! Let me introduce you all to Kazidomi, which is a healthy online shop going from vegan and natural cosmetics to biological, vegetarian and vegan food, you name it! Continue reading “Save money on your healthy lifestyle”

Professional haircare at its best


A few weeks ago I got invited to a Mo’na hairsalon to discover the new Cherry Almond Range from Aveda. It was such a lovely experience and in that way I found out a lot about this brand.  Continue reading “Professional haircare at its best”

So good it’s Noughty


Have you heard about Noughty??? It’s one of the best natural shampoos I’ve ever tried. At first I was a little afraid of the effect, I mean it’s completely natural and what will it actually do for my hair? But the results were wonderful and still are.

Continue reading “So good it’s Noughty”