Boost your hair growth with Neogen


Hi guys, how are you all holding up? I have a new haircare review for you!

I’ve been testing the Neogen Haircare Products for a month now so I’m finally able to share the amazing results with you.

A little background facts about their products first.

Fagron Neogen is a new line of phytotherapeutic, vegan hair care products with patented TrichoTech™ technology.

The essential oils in TrichoTech™ complex stimulate hair growth and deeply restore the hair fiber. The products also take care of the scalp, having sebum-regulating, antiseptic and anti-itching properties. Without controversial ingredients such as parabens, silicones and mineral oils, the products are suitable for all hair types.

If you have any type of hair loss, these products are highly recommended.

So let me tell you about my experience.

First up is the NeoOil. You should apply it on your scalp and hair, 10 minutes before taking the shower. One ampule is suitable if you have normal to thin hair.
The oil itself is really oily and greasy, but that doesn’t matter as you apply it before the shower anyway. You use this oil to hydrate and repair the scalp and your hair. It also ensures your hair of getting greasy more slowly than normal.

Next step and also the next product is the NeoWash, their shampoo. After you’ve rinsed away the oil you apply the shampoo. It has a thicker texture than any other shampoo I’ve used before and has a fresh scent.

After the shampoo you use their NeoCond conditioner. This one also has a lovely texture and the same fresh scent. Works super hydrating too and my hair was easy to comb afterwards without having to use an anti-klit spray.

After the first time using the three products from above, my hair started to get greasy one day later than normal. Let’s say my hair gets greasy 3 days after washing it, now it started after 4 days.

After 4 weeks of having this hair care routine, my hair has grown for almost 2 centimeters. People I know were even commenting on my hair that it has become super long. I tell them it’s Neogen, because that’s just the truth.

My hair feels more hydrated, softer and healthier. It has more volume and looks super shiny. I no longer need to wash my hair that often anymore as it now starts getting greasy 2 days later than before. Which means I can now go out without washing my hair for 5 days. If that doesn’t make your life a lot easier, right?

So yes, I can say that I highly recommend this product. If you’d like to test it out yourself you can buy these products with 10% off using the code “10TODISCOVERNEOGEN” at

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