Create your home spa with De Tuinen Wellness

De Tuinen Wellness

As I work in the nightlife/ catering industry in Belgium it looks like I’m going to have to stay at home for quite a while. But, that means it’s the ideal moment to spoil myself with these products from De Tuinen Wellness by Holland and Barrett.

I’ve been testing the products above for a couple of months now so let me write down my review for you.

First up is the Bodyscrub. It’s a mild scrub which is very pleasant. It has a lovely fresh scent and my skin did feel soft afterwards. It’s an ‘easy to apply’ scrub and doesn’t feel rough. Perfect to get rid of your dead skin!

Next is the Body Cream. After the scrub and you’ve washed yourself make sure to apply their body cream for an extra soft result. It has a creamy texture so you might have to smear a little bit more. It has the same fresh scent as the scrub and leaves my skin super soft and hydrated.

Use their Body Oil after the body cream for that extra hydration. This oil is not greasy at all which makes it easier to apply and immediately get dressed. The pump is a little difficult in use maybe, but it doesn’t bother me that much though.

I’ve noticed that after making the products above my standard shower routine, my skin got much shinier, healthier and softer in general.

Last item is the Hand Soap. My skin is easily dried out with every handsoap, including this one actually. I have to use a hand cream every time I’ve washed my hands. But overall this is a lovely hand soap! It has the same fresh scent as the other products and has a lovely texture too. The pump is also easy in use.

De Tuinen Wellness contains an allergen-free perfume. Does not contain parabens. PEG, MIT, mineral oil, ethanolalimes, silicones and dyes and they’re 100% vegan!

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