Stay home skin care routine with Beauty Kitchen


How are you all holding up? Is your country in lockdown? Well, Belgium is (kind of), so I have plenty of time to tell you about this brand called Beauty Kitchen.

Few months ago I received these products from the Holland & Barrett store and I haven’t stop using them since then.

Beauty Kitchen is a 100% natural brand with a mission for zero waste and has won several natural beauty awards too.

Let’s discuss their Seahorse Plankton Revitalising Gel Cleanser first.
A very lovely cleanser that works properly. It cleanses and exfoliates the skin gently. This product works great on normal or troubled skin. At first I felt like it dried out my skin a little bit but after using it for a couple of weeks my skin started to feel smooth and healthy.

Next up is the Seahorse Plankton Really Radiant Moisturiser. I really really really love to use this as my everyday day cream as it balances and moisturizes my skin so well. Don’t be fooled by the bleu color, smear well and the blue color will fade away. To me it’s the perfect moisturizer to go back to after using another skin care routine to balance your skin again.

As I frequently try out new skin care brands or new kind of products in general, it’s nice to have a few products you can always rely on to balance your skin. For that purpose I really recommend buying these products.

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