Naturally good with Nivea


Hi there! I truly hope you are all safe during these weird times in the world. I also hope you can all try to make the best out of this quarantine period.
In my case, I try to make even more time for my skin care routine, how about you?

Some days ago I received a package from Nivea. Their natural collection!!!!

Everyone has heard of Nivea by now, but you can’t believe how happy I am that they finally have a natural collection. Their Naturally Good collection stands for 100% transparency. Their range contains a minimum of 98% ingredients of natural origin and 1 to 2% additional ingredients for for formula stability and safety.

So, first product I’m going to talk about is the Naturally Good Cleansing Milk.
This milk is easily applied on your skin with a cotton pad, cleanses your skin deeply and removes even the hardest make up stains. WIN! The texture is really creamy so your skin won’t feel dried out afterwards too.

After the cleansing milk I apply their Naturally Good Tonic. I’ve said it multiples times already, but applying a tonic is a very important step in your skin care routine to balance your pH values. This tonic is very refreshing and it makes sure all the nasties are gone om my skin.

Up next and also the last item I want to tell you guys about is the Naturally Good Day Cream. This one also has a creamy texture to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours. For this cream, you don’t have to take too much and really rub it in well. I noticed that my skin stays really soft after a few days of trying it out.

That’s it for today!

Stay safe <3


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  1. Where can get this product from?also is it for all skin types?

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