Love Beauty and Planet


It’s been some time as I’ve been busier than ever but I’m back with another natural skin care review!

During summer I got the chance to try out some products of Love Beauty and Planet.
They’ve started a Love Beauty and Planet chain so that people that might be interested in this brand could try it out. And that’s how they were introduced to me too.

Love Beauty and Planet is a vegan, natural and cruelty free brand (yay). They’re sustainably sourced, their packaging is from 100% recycled materials, they reduce their carbon footprint, they support environmentalists and keep on making new products in exactly that way.

So I’m very excited to tell you more about the products.

My absolute favourite is their Toothpaste Detox Whitening. It comes out as a black substance but turns into a white substance once you apply it. It also tastes fresher than it looks which was a GO for me. Its key ingredient is active charcoal which makes it black. It removes stains and keeps your teeth fresh and white!

My second favourite product is the Roll on Deodorant which makes my armpits smell like roses, for real (!) and it stays that way for at least 12 hours. It’s an easy to apply roll on deodorant, not greasy at all and does not leave any stains. Important to know: it’s safe for a sensitive skin!

Another great product is their Body Wash so your whole body can smell like roses too! What I love the most about it is that is very nourishing. It feels smooth while using it and does not dry out your skin afterwards. The scent stays on for a few hours leaving you all fresh and soft.

Last one is the Volume Shampoo. I’ve always loved shampoo that smells like kokos! I’m not in need for more volume in my hair as it is very thick so I haven’t really used this one a lot. It did leave my hair all shiny, voluminous and smooth afterwards.

After this being said, let’s make this Love Planet and Beauty chain even bigger!



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