Save money on your healthy lifestyle


Yes! You’ve read the title right. You can now save money on your healthy lifestyle! Let me introduce you all to Kazidomi, which is a healthy online shop going from vegan and natural cosmetics to biological, vegetarian and vegan food, you name it!

Kazidomi gives you the chance to buy all these things with huge discounts if you take a membership. Don’t worry, the membership looks pricy but if you take the time to count what you have saved in that year, you actually earned the membership back. Still not convinced? Here’s a coupon code for €20 off on your membership: “SHAUNY20”!!!

As I’m not vegan or vegetarian but more of a natural skincare lover I bought a couple of things in their store.

As seen in one of my previous blogposts I love Evolve so I had to buy some products I have never tested before like hair products and washing gel! My feeling about Evolve is still the same, I LOVE them.

Besides Evolve I tried out two new brands.
The first new brand I’ve tested is Savon Stories and gosh their body wash smells so nice, really can’t get enough of it. Can’t wait to buy other products from this brand.

The other new brand is Madara, I only bought a lip balm so I can’t really describe how I feel about this brand so I definitely need to try out more products from them. I must say that the lip balm reeeeeally does its job as it is super hydrating and leaves a lovely shine on my lips.

Don’t forget that besides skin care you can choose from so many different categories. If you’re a mother you’ll find super interesting and healthy products for your baby, for your boyfriend or husband, even accessories for your home, all kinds of food, drinks and so on.

If you’re really into all of the above, you shouldn’t hesitate to get your own membership. I promise!! (Don’t forget my discount code though.)

If you have more questions about this online store don’t wait to contact them (or me).


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  1. I like cosmetics.,and makeup art these products are really good and help full.. They lead to true beauty..smoothness of skin,, I really love it thanks slot.

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