Introduction to Garnier Bio


Everyone knows Garnier, and now that they have a bio range I’m their biggest fan.

Let me tell you more about Garnier Bio.

  • Garnier Bio products are now certified organic by ECOCERT Greenlife.
  • Their formulas are now free from ingredients that come from animal origin, which means they’re vegan.
  • All their star ingredients come from renewable ingredients that can be redeveloped every year.
  • All products are organically produced and most of them are traded in fair trade with respect for biodiversity.
  • Garnier Bio now uses as many recycled and recyclable as possible in their products.
  • They use cardboard from forests managed with respect for people and nature.

Now more about the products I’ve received.

First of all, their Lemon Grass Detox Cleansing gel.
With its lovely scent, it removes my make up easily and keeps my skin hydrated while cleaning. I apply this gel with their Exfoliating Conjac Sponge.

Next is their Thyme Perfecting Toner which is so essential in my skincare routine. It restores my pH balance and has such a lovely scent as well. To be honest, I can literally feel it doing its work on my skin. Love this one for sure!

Another great product is the Argan Face Mist. It’s refreshing and gives your skin that hydrating boost you need. Ideal to spray before the rest of your skincare routine or just randomly through the day!

Next is the Lavender Revitalizing Facial Oil, I absolutely adore this one as I’m a sucker for facial oils. This one really gives my skin a hydrating boost before applying my day cream. You can also use this one solo before going to bed for example.

Next wonderful product is their Lemon Grass Balancing Day Cream. This one is ideal for daily use. But if you feel like you need some extra hydration you should definitely use their Argan Feeding Day Cream. This day cream has a more creamy texture and is perfect for dry skin or when you need that hydrating boost. I love them both equally though.

They also have an Anti-Age cream which is the Lavender Anti Age Cream. I didn’t really test this one as I prefer to not use anti age formulas too quickly in my life.

Last product is the Argan Repairing Balm. You can just apply it at any dry area on your body. I have this with me wherever I go! Another thing I love to do is to apply this balm on the dry tips of my hair. You should try it too!

You can buy Garnier Bio products in your local Kruidvat Store or online.

I sincerely hope more brands will create a bio line like Garnier did. 


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