My Detoxifying & Nourishing Skincare


Happy Easter all! I’m here to talk about the lovely products from Clarins.

Earlier this month I’ve received a lovely package from Clarins. This is also the first time I got to work with them after hearing so many good things about them. So yes, I’m very thrilled to share my review about Clarins.

First of all, here are some things you need to know about the My Clarins Range:
–  88% of their ingredients are from natural origin
– They’re free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates
– All packaging are made from cardboard that comes from sustainably managed forests
– Packaging is recyclable
– Vegan and Cruelty-free!!!!

So let’s talk about the products in this range.

First, their RE-MOVE micellar cleansing milk. This cleansing milk removes make up and dirt just easily. It has a nice texture and feels creamy and hydrating.

Second is their CLEAR-OUT care to target imperfections. I absolutely love this gel as it works to get rid of my impurities real quick. I’ve been struggling with some pimples lately and who doesn’t hate pimples?!

Next is the RE-BOOST refreshing hydrating cream. I use it as my day cream which is ideal for my normal skin. It hydrates and refreshes just like the title. Nothing special, nothing not normal, just perfect for your average day. It has a fresh scent and a lovely matte texture.

Another wonderful product is their RE-FRESH hydrating beauty mist. It prepares your skin for your night and day skincare routine. It gives you that hydrating boost your skin deeply desires.

Last but not least is the RE-CHARGE relaxing sleep mask. It’s a wonderful night cream that helps your skin to eliminate the toxins from during the day. It “recharges” you because of its hydrating formula. When you wake up you’ll notice you have a super soft skin. Love it!!!

I’d really recommend all of the above and let me know if you have tried them too!
Thanks again Clarins for getting to know you.



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