Skincare for a sustainable lifestyle


It’s getting colder outside so nothing’s more important than to keep your skin hydrated. My choice of the day is Likami, a wonderful biological and botanical brand, based on natural technologies.

Some while ago I’ve got to try out two of their amazing products. First one I’d like to talk about is the Cleansing Milk which comes with a lovely cleansing pad.

This milk is a gentle way to cleanse your skin. Message onto dry skin and rinse with water for that milky effect. Rinse away thoroughly with water afterwards and you’ll see your skin is free from dirt and will look all clean!

I love using this cleansing milk because it doesn’t dry out your skin like most face washes. Especially in this dry and cold weather!

After this milk you’ll use their Facial Toner to balance your pH. It’s a refreshing face mist to boost hydration and to remove excess oil on your skin. This toner is an amazing product that you can use everyday, multiple times a day!

For me, Likami is such a wonderful brand. With its natural ingredients and its improving working this is a brand I really recommend to others. It’s quality and the packaging just looks great. Also, did you know “Likami” stands for body in Icelandic? I guess it’s obvious now that they give a true meaning for simplicity.

Pure ingredients, clear labels, cruelty-free and honest recipes made with expertise and love.


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