What is your skin type?


Yves Rocher has launched their Skin Days and I had the honour to have a skin diagnose at one of their stores. At their store they’ve explained to me that I had a normal to combined skin and gave me the right products for my skin.

To be honest, I was kind off shocked I had a normal skin. Because, one year ago before I started creating a passion for skincare, my skin was very very sensitive. I guess it’s true that if you treat your skin well, it WILL end up with great results.

Nevertheless, I’ve always thought that you shouldn’t start too early with all these kind of products?! And for being only 20 years old at that time I truly believed it wasn’t necessary at all. Next to that, creating a skincare routine hasn’t been easy at first. I always forgot about it or I was too sleepy to put off my make up and so on and so on. But to be honest, looking at these results, going from a sensitive skin to a normal skin? I can’t live without it anymore. I’m a true skincare addict!!!

But, if you’re just using these random skincare products you won’t see results fast. You should know it’s also really important that you use the right products for your skin to have improving results!!

Yves Rocher has a different line for each skin type and the Hydra Végétal line suited me best. Of that line, I tried four products out.

First one is their Cleansing Gel. It cleanses my skin thoroughly leaving it smooth and hydrated. It’s easy to apply with a fresh scent.

Next is their Eye Gel. I absolutely love it, it softens the dark circles under your eyes as well as reduce those annoying bags when you wake up. It truly brightens up my eyes!

Another wonderful product is the Hydrating Serum. It pulls quickly in the skin and it’s the ultimate way to make their Day Cream work much stronger.

After using these products all together for only a couple of days you can really start noticing a difference on your skin. Much more hydrated, fresh feeling and smooth. Also a reason I’m a big fan of this brand, is because they are a natural skincare brand. I really do not prefer any chemicals on my skin, so yeah, Yves Rocher is the perfect match. So… If you’re not sure about your skin type, make sure to drop by one of their stores

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