Unusually organic skincare


Hi beautiful people! Some while ago I’ve discovered an American skincare and make up brand called Vapour

Vapour is an organic and cruelty free brand that also cares about our environment. What makes them unique is that they create, manufacture and distribute under just one roof!!

I’ve tested some products and here’s what I have to say:

First thing I’ve tried is their Lux Organic Lip Conditioner. It’s a very efficient lip balm that hydrates deeply and makes my lip super shiny. It doesn’t have a weird taste and it heals my torn lips perfectly. Something very basic yet an amazing product. Do note that this is not a vegan product as it contains organic beeswax.

Next up is the Replenish Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil. This one is a natural, non-toxic and cruelty free oil which is also a registered USDA Organic product, containing all organic and vegan ingredients. I use this almost everyday because it works so good. I have very dry skin around my nails and it really strengthens my nails too, making them grow faster. For having very weak nails this is just so perfect. The liquid isn’t greasy or sticky and dries up quickly. Perfect to use multiple times a day!

Another wonderful product is their Clarity Organic Makeup Remover! It removes everything so easily, perfect for my eyes too as they are very sensitive. It’s oil based which hydrates deeply. It contains the same natural, non-toxic and cruelty free oils as the previous product and is also vegan!

Last one is a Velvet Lip Gloss. With its long-lasting formula, deep hydration and strong colors it’s perfect to wear on a night out or at work. Just like the lip balm it’s not vegan because of the organic beeswax, but it’s a wonderful natural, non-toxic and cruelty free product!

For living in Europe, shipment takes a little longer but this brand is so worth the wait!

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