Make your skin smile


If you’re into natural and cruelty free cosmetics, the easiest store to visit must be The Body Shop.

They’ve recently launched a new face mask which is called the Almond Milk with Oats Mask. It’s especially for the sensitive skin and I totally LOVE it. It has an amazing scent and such a lovely texture. You can’t say it’s a real face scrub, but it does have the effect of a soft exfoliator if you massage it gently on your skin. Rinse away after 10 minutes or longer, because it doesn’t get hard like many other face masks, and you’ll have such a soft skin.

Next to that I’ve received some other wonderful products. Their lovely Body Butter and Body yoghurt, of which I’ve spoken about already in my other blog The new Body Yogurt from The Bodyshop.

This leaves me to the last product, their Cleansing Butter. It has such a soft texture and it melts away on my face smoothly, leaving my skin clean and fresh. I love it! It’s a very good alternative for cleansing your face and remove make up while your skin stays hydrated. I really recommend this product!

All of these products were used in for the “sensitive skin campaign”. So to all of you with a sensitive skin, make you sure you try at least one of these out as they will do good for you!


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