Boost your skin with Vitamin C


Couple of weeks ago I was invited to pay a visit at the Dermalogica Concept Space in Antwerp for skin advice and a skin analysis.  Because of that I finally found out that I didn’t have a sensitive skin at all but a combined skin. Yes… I was pretty shocked. But don’t worry, using products for sensitive skin are always a good idea! Except for the amazing advice I also got a lovely FaceFit Treatment. I really enjoyed having someone else taking care of my skin.

As a present I got their new serum which is the Biolumin-C Serum and I really recommend this one!

Lately I’ve been suffering from hormonal or stress related pimples and I’m really annoyed by them. But, since I’ve applied their serum every morning they were fading away more easily and faster. Also my skin has been having way more glow than before and it just feels so smooth now.

Dermalogica is very known for being skin improving and truly effective. Another reason I’m a fan of this brand, is because they do not test on animals. On top of that, they’re always ready to help you if you need product advice or tips for your skin in general. To me, that makes their price worth it.


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