Less plastic waste with Sodastream


Thanks to Sodastream my life just got so much easier. No more lifting heavy bottles from the store to my home, less plastic waste, less garbage and so on. They come in a beautiful minimalistic design and their bottles are super fancy as well. Just every aspect of the Sodastream is good! 

It’s also much healthier for me. I’m way more motivated to drink water than I used to. And if you don’t want to drink flat water you can make it sparkling. You can even choose how much your water needs to sparkle!

On top of that, if you don’t feel like drinking ‘just water’, you can add some flavour to it. For example, lemon drops or orange drops. They go without sugar so your drink is still healthy and your body keeps getting the amount of water it needs.

Also very nice about Sodastream is that they have a collection with different Mocktails. You can experience the true taste of a cocktail, but without alcohol!

Now all of that is said, think about what Sodastream can do to our planet. Are you convinced yet? Well, I am!


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