Detox time!


I’m back with another review for skyn ICELAND!

After being so happy about their Hydro Cool Firming Eye gels which you can read here, I’ve tested their Detox Kit which includes lovely travel sizes of some of their products and it’s just everything you need for your daily routine! It’s perfect to give my irritated skin some rest and the ingredients it needs after trying multiple products during short periods.

The first product I’m going to talk about is their Glacial Face Wash. It’s so lovely. My face has never been this clean before. You can actually see how clean your skin is compared to a micellar water. It’s un-be-liev-able. The scent is fresh and it just feels really good on my skin. I bought the full size already because this is definitely one of my favourites!

Next up is the Icelandic Relieve Eye Pen which is the more sophisticated version to get rid of my bags. Apply this every day and the skin around your eyes will stay hydrated so fine lines will be prevented and dark circles will disappear. Just perfect for every day routine!

My other favourite product is the ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion. You won’t believe what I’m saying un till you’ve tried it but you can actually feel your skin cool down after applying this lotion. It’s crazy but it’s true. It calms and hydrates the stressed skin and makes you feel alive and awake after using it. Next to that, I feel it helps for my redness and acne because it works very detoxifying too. I had no other choice than buying the full size of this one too.

Last but not least, the best-best-best night cream I’ve ever used! Their Oxygen Infusion Night Cream. Wake up with the smoothest skin you’ll ever feel. This cream works very hydrating and soothing giving you an even complexion. This is because of an ingredient called “Gosulin Agave” which is a natural silicone substitute that helps to fill and fade fine lines from the inside. I definitely recommend this cream!!

As I’ve said in my other article about this brand, they’re free from harsh chemicals, 100% vegan and cruelty-free! A very good reason to check them out, ASAP!
There’s a reason they’re one of my favourite brands.


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