The effect of Iceland


It took me a couple of days to recover from work but I’m finally back with another review! This time Bioeffect gave me the opportunity to try out some of their amazing products and I couldn’t feel more honored. If some of you know that brand, you’ll know that they are well-known for their skin improving and high quality products. 

About the brand.

They became famous because of their natural replica of the EGF which is a skincell renewal protein. Bioeffect is made in Iceland and for every product they make they also use Icelandic ingredients. For example volcanic components such as lava as well as ecologically filtered Icelandic water and other natural ingredients from Iceland. Besides that they are clinically tested and vegan.

The first product I want to talk about is their famous EGF Serum. After a few days the results were already remarkable. My skin felt a lot stronger and my pores looked way better than ever. The serum hydrates thoroughly without being greasy. The only thing I had to remind myself of was to not use it in the morning but before going to bed since it imroves the cell renewal process while sleeping.

Next up is their amazing Micellar Cleansing Water. It feels so refreshing cleaning your face in the morning with this one. As we all should know by now, a good micellar water is super handy to shorten your morning routine. You remove make up and wash your face at the same time while your PH value stays intact. So forget about the face wash and the toner!

I love to exfoliate my skin a few times in a week and their Volcanic Exfoliator is my favourite. It cleanses my skin thoroughly by removing dead skincells and promotes the absorption of EGF. For being a scrub, it’s very soft for my sensitive skin.

Ideal for the bags under my eyes after a short night of sleep, is their EGF Eye Mask Treatment which comes together with the EGF Eye Serum. The swelling decreases very quickly and hydrates the skin under my eyes in no time. It also strengthens the eye area a lot. Only 10 minutes and your bags are gone.

Last but not least, their efficient OSA Water Mist. OSA is known for stimulating the production of collagen, resulting in a softer and stronger skin. Spray whenever you want  and as much you want and keep your face hydrated!

I’m absolutely in love with this brand and I want you to feel the same! I know they’re not the cheapest, therefore I’m offering you 10% off at with my discount code: SHAUNY10




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