Perfume on the go


I’m back with another review! No skincare, no make up but perfume! Let me introduce you to Parfumado

Few months ago I came across different advertisements for Parfumado and I was immediately amazed by its concept. I had the chance to try it out and let me tell you one thing… You’ll never see me without it anymore.

So what’s the concept?

Well, Parfumado comes in a very handy travel size where you get to choose your scent for the month. If you go to its webshop you can choose between 350 scents of amazing well-known brands. You can buy it with or without subscription. You’ll receive a beautiful flask from Parfumado together with a 8ml sample. You just put the sample in the flask, put it in your bag and spray on the go.

I’ve received my two favourite perfumes. Si from Giorgio Armani and Alien from Thierry Mugler.


I’ve always wanted to try out new perfumes as well, but buying a whole new bottle without being really sure you like it is such a big risk. Parfumado gives you the chance to try new scents without paying too much for it. It’s just perfect.

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