Be a true goddess with Egyptian culture inspired make up


Got to try out the lovely make up of Eye Of Horus Cosmetics and I fell in love. They’re based on sacred formulas by the ancient Egyptian culture which I truly admire. 

Their Bio Mascara Black is absolutely wonderful because it divides my lashes nicely and it leaves no chunks behind. Next to that the mascara really lifts up my lashes which makes them look much longer. It’s also very easy to take off before going to bed.

Next up is their Liquid Define Black which is amazing! I really like drawing lines with this kind of Eyeliner. This one makes it really easy and is super black.

The Brow Define Dynasty is my favourite one. There’s no better way to draw or fill your eyebrows. It’s precisely and the color stays on for two days (if you don’t wipe it away like me). The color was a perfect match for my brows and it’s not greasy.

Also an incredible product is the Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil. You can draw a beautiful line on your eyes and then blend it nicely with the little brush attached to it. It made my eyes very beautiful. Although I’m not an eyeshadow enthusiast, this was lovely to wear.

Last but not least, their amazing lipsticks. I tried two different colors that were absolutely amazing. One of them is the Bio Lipstick Cleo Plum which is an amazing color. I love purple to nude tones and these lipsticks work hydrating as well.

If you’re interested in quality make up I definitely recommend this brand. They are not tested on animals and contain natural ingredients.

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