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I had some crazy weeks already this summer because of working for different festivals, so I finally have the time to write again. Let’s talk about the wonderful products from Effiderm

First of all, this brand is cruelty free and except for beeswax they don’t use any animal ingredients. This makes them vegan as well! They are also paraben free, colorless, GMO free, phthalate-free, phenoxyethanol-free, aluminum-free and so on. Because all of that, it’s perfectly suitable for the sensitive skin, like mine.

I had the honor to try out some products of their face line.

Let me begin with their Magic Balm. It’s a multi-purpose balm which can be used to cleanse skin but also as a daycream of for the body. It’s actually pretty handy to have a balm like this. Even to repair damaged skin, like wounds or scars.

Second is the Exfoliant Doux. I love exfoliators and this one is marvelous. Also very good for the sensitive skin, which is not always the case with other exfoliators. This one seems to hydrate and get rid of dead skin cells at the same time. It’s the perfect combo! I also prefer using an exfoliator when there are impurities on my face, like pimples. It’s definitely the perfect way to get a clean and smooth skin.

As last is the Crème Fluide Hydratante, which is perfect for after the exfoliator. It hydrates my skin deeply leaving it very soft and strong. After using it day after day you’ll notice it works very skin improving as well.

I fell in love with this brand and in order to give you the same feeling I’m offering you a discount of 20% with the code BLOG2018 on



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