Organic skincare essentials


Another week, another review. Okay I take that back, sometimes there will be more or maybe less reviews in one week. Anyway, let’s talk about the products I got from John Masters Organics.

First of all, wow. Their skincare products are simply amazing! Definitely a brand I’d like to continue using in the future.

Let’s start with their Rose Foaming Face Wash. It removes dirt and grease and gives my skin a healthy glow afterwards.

Their Green Tea and Rose Hydrating Face Serum really calms and refreshes my skin. It also hydrates my skin deeply and the green tea rejuvenates my skin making it feel very firm.

I like to mix one drop, sometimes 2 of their 100% Argan Oil in their serum because it has a very restorative effect and makes my face feel extra soft. You can basically use Argan oil for your whole body. Think about split and dry hair. 

After that I use their Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Cream that not only restores my moisture level, it also smells wonderful. The apricot treats dry skin while rose oil hydrates. 

I also tried out their Geranium and Grapefruit body wash and body milk. They smell delicious, normalizes the oily skin and it makes me feel super soft.

I highly recommend their products because of the excellent quality, delicious scents and off course because they are organic, natural and cruelty free. 

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