The power of olive trees


Today I want to tell you more about the products from Oliveda. I’ve tried their Skin Care Starter Set which includes some amazing products.

Let’s talk about their Purifying Cleansing Gel first. It is a foaming cleanser based on the Fresh Olive Leaf Elixir and it cleanses and moisturizes my skin very deeply.

There is also their Anti Aging Face Cream which I really love. It contains avocado oil and it strengthens my skin. The thing I absolutely love about it is that it does not leave an oily glow behind in contrast to many other creams.

Another product in the starter kit is the Mouth Oil Cure Detoxifying. At first this was really weird to use because it’s actually some sort of mouthwash. Put a tablespoon of this oil in your mouth and rinse for a few minutes before brushing your teeth. After a while you’ll notice that your gums will feel less sensitive.

There were also some samples in it from their Cell Active Face Serum and their Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream.

Besides the Starter Kit I also got to try out two more products. Their Lifting Eye Elixir which gives my eyes a radiant look and their Cell Active Face Oil which is ideal to combine with their serum for the ultimate effect.

After using their products for a couple of weeks, and I still do by the way, I can say that Oliveda is an amazing brand. They replace the conventional water in cosmetics with the olive tree elixir which makes them along many other aspects a natural, organic and cruelty-free brand.

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