Cleaning my hands was never this fun

We transport millions of microbes through our hands. Most are innocent but some can be harmful. Microbes that cause healthcare infections are mainly transmitted through the hands so cleaning your hands often is actually so important.

But just like many others I sometimes forget to wash my hands. I hate to use soap because my hands get very dry afterwards. I also never tried dry handsoaps before because I always thought it would be very sticky and greasy. But then I discovered the products from Merci Handy.


Their Hand Cleansing Gels come in many different colours and fragrances and I just looooooove them. They smell incredibly good and it dries very quickly which means it’s not sticky or greasy at all. But if I can give you one golden tip. Don’t lick your hand or fingers afterwards because it tastes horrible. Not that I did that on purpose by the way, it just happened.

Also very good to know about Merci Handy, they are way too much in love with kitties to test on animals, so their products are cruelty-free!


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