No-nonsense haircare and why this is important


First of all a really big thank you to Senzimi and Beaupharma for introducing me to Senzimi Hair Care.

For many years I have been coloring and bleaching my hair because I didn’t like my normal hair color. This means I have been struggling for a long time to keep my hair healthy, but then I became so tired of coloring it every three months and my hair was completely destroyed. Not many people know that I have had really long beautiful and strong hair before I started coloring it. 

Now I’ve quit destroying my hair like that I realised that the only way I could grow it back to long and healthy hair was to use the right products for my hair.
This means I’ve banned all the parabens, silicone and sulfates in my shampoos and other hair care but this was actually so much harder than you think it will be.  Like almost every store in your neighbourhood sells haircare with all that bullshit in it.

Let me explain why silicone, parabens and sulfates are NOT good for your hair.
Sulfates make your shampoo foam in your hair. This is very bad for your scalp when you have a sensitive skin. Shampoo without sulfates makes your hair shine more, your hair color stays on point and reduces hair loss.
Silicone put some kind of layer on your hair which makes your hair LOOK healthy but actually lets your hair dry out, causing mayor damage. I’ve been fooled by this illusion for a long time.
Parabens increase shelf life but these chemicals are not good for your skin and hair. There are other and better options for long-lasting hair care products.

So that’s why I want to introduce Senzimi Hair Care to you. They have developed a shampoo and conditioner specifically for people with skin complaints. All their products are also natural!
But even though I said I banned silicone, it might be important to know that the conditioner from Senzimi contains Meadowfoam seed oil. This is a kind of silicone that is actually good for your hair in the way this can be soluble with water which makes it safe for your hair.

Since I’ve been using the Sensitive Shampoo and Sensitive Conditioner from Senzimi my hair is finally getting stronger and healthier. I don’t dare using other shampoo anymore!

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