Thank you so much for the lovely products Glo Skin Beauty ! 

My ultimate favourite is the Cherry Balm for sure. I have pretty sensitive lips and when the weather gets colder my lips frequently burst. After using this balm for one week my lips were genuinely softer and hydrated. 

Now we’re talking about lips, their lip crayons are also amazing. Very smooth to apply and they’re enriched with Mango Oil and Shea Butter so it does not creep into your lips! They also have a cute shiny Lipgloss which is not sticky.

I’m not very very experienced with eye shadow but I can tell that theirs is certainly what you can expect from a good eye shadow. The colours stand out clearly and stay well during the whole day.

Last but not least, their Luminous Liquid Foundation is just wonderful! It’s a liquid mineral formula and it covers up all of my redness perfectly.

Anyway, Glo is a brand that delivers what you expect!

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