Hi Guys, welcome to my blog!

Let me introduce you to my blog. First of all, my name is Shauny Cuypers. I’m 21 years old and currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. On my Instagram I blog about fashion and beauty, but I’ve decided to expand my reach by creating a website. There are still a lot of things left unsaid that I feel like sharing with you. Since I’ve became fascinated by cruelty free and vegan skincare for example, I want to make more people aware of which companies test on animals and which don’t.

“I want to make more people aware of which
companies test on animals and which don’t.”

The things you’ll see on my blog are my Instagram pictures, articles about beauty, fashion, health and many more. I will also put different discount codes on my blog. There are a few brands that I work with who gave me the oppurtunity to share some personal discount codes with my followers and friends.
You can also shop my old warderobe or read reviews about products brands send me.

I’m still figuring out how making a website works so I expect the full website to be 100% by the end of April, ’18.





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